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23 | 12 | 2020


We hope that you will do beautiful Christimas Holiday! We inform you that we are closing from the afternoon of the 23th of December to the 6th of January included! We wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year!!
23 | 10 | 2020


During 2020 we have received the important goal of "Certified Excellence" from Bosch Rexroth. We have reached this award during a year that has been very difficult for everyone!
06 | 08 | 2020


We inform you that we are closed from 10th August to 14th August, for summer holidays!

13 | 03 | 2020


In these days we are touching with hand a topic that few people even know of its existence: air filtration. When you enter inside a closed environment, an office or a hospital, the air we breathe has almost always been passed through ventilation systems that often have filters inside them that are capable of retaining viruses and bacteria.
A poorly managed ventilation system can become a system of dispersion of harmful substances in the air, so we often do periodic sanitizing actions by disinfecting the ducts to limit the accumulation of bacteria, mold and other polluting agents. A correct filtration, on the other hand, is able to correctly retain the substances we are interested to stop.
First of all it is necessary to correctly size the flow rate of the filter according to the volume and the plan of the environment. If everything is done correctly, the salutary effect is almost immediate since the air, once purified, will only have to be kept at that level and this will also result in a more economic management of the system.
But how can we decide the correct filter type? It is possible to intervene with portable systems or with "retrofitting" or with additions of equipment capable of performing the desired service. The machines that are most used are similar to portable air conditioners or air extraction and ventilation systems. One of the most used systems is the City system by Camfil: this system is characterized by good versatility and design, adequate performance given by the variety of models available depending on the type of application and at low costs. La Ricambi Udinese is able to supply: -> City M (system with high reduction filters capable of stopping up to the smallest viruses, also used for high-pressure hospital environments such as laboratories or non-extreme surgical surgeries) -> City Touch more suitable for small rooms (offices) and for domestic environments
27 | 02 | 2020


The care that LA RICAMBI UDINESE have dedicated to their customers for decades has recently found a new expression through their training initiatives, designed to help share their impressive heritage of know-how and experience, and to offer an even more complete and articulated service. Filter courses, also available in English language, are taught by qualified personnel and are intended for purchasing managers and all operators involved in mechanical maintenance 
18 | 02 | 2020

CONTROILS: Analysis Services, Consulting and Training

Controils supplies ANALYSIS services on oleo-dynamic fluids with detailed report within 24h for the definition of problems. CONSULTANCY:  planning maintenance plans to improve performance and prevent failures and / or production downtime. TRAINING services with filtration courses, delivered worldwide by qualified personnel.
07 | 01 | 2020



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