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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the management of data flow in order to reduce production time and error corrections, allowing proper collection to reduce costs. Industry 4.0 places the person at the center of the analysis, providing data and information to whom the decisions depends so giving to these persons the possibility to choose quickly the right option. For this reason, the training of personnel, in the perspective of industrial 4.0, assumes a preponderant role, supported where conceded from the tax law, by super-amortization benefits too. The industry 4.0 process is based on three phases: A) Profiling / Learning: listening to customer needs and staff training;
B) Assessment/training: observation of the company in order to obtain a photograph as detailed as possible of the firm;
C) Proof of concept: implementation of information gathered with development of work on a pilot project and not on a large-scale project.
La Ricambi Udinese is able to create measurement systems that communicate via cloud with the customer's company network, such as measurable filter carts that can be monitored from the outside.


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