Technical blog


The problem

A customer called us for a filtration problem on cooling water on liquid ring vacuum pumps. These pumps are used for packaging and conveying of pulverulent materials: in the presence of very fine dust, this dust tend to mix themselves with the water that forms the liquid ring. This water has several functions : gasket, cooling and washing of the system. Very often, cooling and resting reservoirs are needed.

The cause

Our customer wanted to clean the water present in the system, highly contaminated from dust coming from the process at a so high rate that the water result milky and they have to replace it and dispose of it as an industrial waste.

The solution

The water contamination could be avoid acting on the air pump intake. Making so, instead installing expensive water kidney filters on water reservoirs, we installed simple plastic filters on the air suction line on the dry side, to block incoming dust and eliminate the water contamination.

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