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The problem

In hydraulic plants or plants with pressurized liquids, to have a clean fluid means to contribute to components damage limitation. One of the classical damages that may verify on this plants, is internal parts erosion, this is due to leakages that start from micro-furrows in inner valve or other components parts, created by suspended particles in fluid. 

The cause

If for example a valve cursor, moving itself in a contaminated fluid, creates riflings on its surface, the pressurized fluid will tend to pass through those riflings enlarging the same riflings for erosion effect, until the valve will not be useful anymore. 

The solution

Fluid velocity in these riflings, tend to increase in a logarithmic scale and may arrive to over 280m/sec that means over 1.000km/h, this velocity creates temperature for friction. In the attached picture, is possible to see the inner side of a valve for a water high pressure plant, where the erosion effect is evident.

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