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The problem

In co-generating plants, engines feedings are every day more different, like oils coming from animal greases. This oils haven’t sure and determined quality standards: their chemical and particle contamination levels, may change from a supply to another, creating big problems to the engines. A customer call us because the engine applied on his co-generating plant, tended to block often due to injectors sizing or wearing.

The cause

verify the fluid particle contamination. What we found, was that in the oil, depending from temperature, there was a fluctuating amount of grease micro-grumes of about 20-50um that tended to clog the iniector.

The solution

The solution was to apply process filter bags, insulating and warming them up to a temperature where the grumes formation was reduced to a minimum, facilitating the fluid flow and permitting a good filtration separating other solid particles present in fluid.

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