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The problem

A good way to increase your filter operative life, is to adopt filter elements with a bigger than usual surface. This is due to the effect of some hydraulic and fluid dynamics laws (Darcy and Poiseuille),this laws indicate that the pressure drop in a filter element, is inversely proportional to the square of the applied filter surface, so if you double this filter surface, you obtain ¼ of the original pressure drop, not changing the other parameters (flow rate, viscosity, degree of filtration and so on). Practically, if you have a 1200 cm2 filter element area that has a pressure drop of about 0.42bar @ 30lt/1’ and 3um absolute rating filtration, doubling the surface area and not changing the other parameters, you’ll obtain a pressure drop around ¼ of the original one, not the half of it. 

The cause

This consideration is very important when are required long maintenance intervals,  good reliability and especially low maintenance costs, due appropriately to the fact that, starting from low pressure drops in bigger elements, the same elements will take more time to clog, so they’ll last longer. 

The solution

So, if taking a look to your machine, the applied filters seem too big for their job, you’d have to thank the designer that has made you a gift

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