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The problem

The indication coming from the clogged filter indicator, is something very important and sometime not seriously taken in consideration. An heavy machinery producer, called us since they experienced blockage problems on proportional valves spools on a test bench, even if protected with in line filter. On a valve they even found a splinter so big to block immediately the spool.  From a first glance, it seemed nothing wrong on the system, but after a more attentive look, we noticed that the filter  clogging indicator was disconnected.

The cause

Since we noticed that the filter  clogging indicator was disconnected, we talked with the technicians working on this bench: they told us that they had to disconnect the clogging indicator because they were experiencing continuously blockages of the system, due to the signals coming from the indicator. Knowing that the filter was fitted with a by-pass valve, made us understand that the problem was that the filter, due to a lack of indication, was by-passed when clogged , driving the contaminant directly on the valve.

The solution

Once detected the problem, we decide to re-design both filter housing and filter element, taking care of the oil viscosity/temperature and the degree of filtration required. Doing this, the filter has started working correctly without blocking the system anymore and the problem observed on the proportional valves was solved.

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