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The problem

In filter dimensioning, one of the most important things, is the material chemical compatibility with the processed fluid, with temperatures and trapped materials. One wrong choice may bring to breaks or damages on the filter media or in the filter cartridge frame, with serious consequences.

The cause

In the attached pictures is possible to see : A) an air filter cartridge with cellulose-poliester media, cellulose has reacted with trapped materials drying itself and becoming fragile, giving birth to breaks, ruptures and by-pass points; B) some polyester filter bags, melted for effect of the not controlled fluid high temperature; C) some filter cartridges with detached end caps, due to the chemical reaction between filtered fluid and the glue used to fix the cartridge components

The solution

Solutions applied were : A) Complete poliester filtration media; B) Process regulation; C) Adoption of welded end caps cartridges. Having known it before, there shouldn’t have been any problem, but better late than never….

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