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The problem

In steel mill plants, high pressure sprayed water is used to obtain a perfect cleaning of the steel surface from oxide scales that forms on steel surfaces during the process. In new steel mill plants self-cleaning filters are designed and installed to clean the water, they work perfectly but they’re very expensive. In old production plants, filters are very coarse and are not self-cleaning, this create a continuous maintenance, nozzle clogging and pump erosion. 

The cause

Fitting in these plants a self-cleaning filter is very expensive. However, with adequate shrewdness, is possible to apply filters used for irrigation. 

The solution

These filters are made in plastic materials, are very affordable, and works perfectly for this application if applied in the correct way, with costs that are sometimes less than 10 times the cost of a single metallic self-cleaning filter. In the attached picture is possible to see a descaling water filter system, realized with completely plastic irrigation filters.

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