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The problem

One of the typical problems in lubricating plants for gas or steam turbines in power plants, is the build-up of gels dissolved in oils, created by decaying of oil additives. The additives decaying is due to various causes, most common are temperature and electrostatic in filter elements. 

The cause

These substances remain solute until temperature is high enough to maintain them in this state, lowering temperatures bring these gels to coagulate and crystallize forming varnishes. These varnishes cause spools blocking and build-up of crystallized particles that flow in fluid and risk to damage the inner plant parts. 

The solution

To clean oils polluted by varnishes is possible with special filters designed to trap these substances, moreover is always useful to verify filter dimensioning to check oil velocity (cause of electrostatic build-up in filters) and utilize "static-free" filter elements.

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