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The problem

Belt filters are applied on emulsions and oils filtration in metalworking machines. Their job is to stop the highest rate of particles possible at the lowest price possible. Fluid to be filtered arrives on the upper side of the belt and the filtered fluid passes through it on the lower side and it's re-pumped on the machine. As the belt clogs, fluid passes with an increasing difficulty and the level on the upper part increases. Over one certain level, a floating level activate an electric motor that unrolls new clean belt and facilitating the fluid flow. Doing this, the level decreases, the motor stops and the cycle re-start. The belt fabric is composed mixing glue and poliester fibers. What filters is poliester, not glue since this last one is fluid passing proof.

The cause

A customer of us claimed an high consumpion rate on tissue acquired from another supplier and wanted try a tissue with a larger pore size. We explained him that increase pore size means decrease filtration quality.

The solution

To resolve the situation, we choose a tissue that, at the same filtration rate, utilized a lower glue rating. The result was that this tissue lasted around 50% more than the previous one, mantaining the same filtration quality, with a minimum increase in price.

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