Technical blog


The problem

During a survey on a brand new starting polymer production plant, talking with our customer, he told us that on-line process filters worked very well without clogging. This loss of clogging, even for a minimum sign, put us in alarm, since in a process filtration, filters are installed to make their job to protect and purify the fluids introduced in the production line, so to avoid defects on the final product.

The cause

We decided to ask to the customer to check one filter, opening the stand-by housing in a duplex filter: the housing was empty. This was due to the employers from the mounting firm, that forgotten to fit the housing with the filter elements at the plant start-up.

The solution

Luckily the plant was still in a start-up period, so products were not sold on the market, in contrary case, this could have been a great problem for the company brand. Never as in this case is true the motto : If something is too good to be true you can bet it's not!

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