Technical blog


The problem

A question that is posed to us is: If I install this filter element, how long will it last? Giving an answer to this question is quite difficult, and very often there’s no a right answer. Lifespan of a filter cartridge depends from a lot of factors : filter media typology, media and fluid quality, working environment, performances required to the machine, age of the machine ecc.

The cause

To give with a certain approximation a value near to the truth, it’ll be necessary to make some optical solid particle oil analysis that could exclude the presence of water and varnishes or other chemical pollutants. 

The solution

Once had these information, it’ll be possible to detect the equivalent ACFTD weight of the particles cross-referencing it with the NAS or ISO contamination code. This value usually is quite near the real value of suspended dust in fluid. Now, knowing the flow rate and the operating time, it’s possible to guess on a determinate filter cartridge, knowing its retention rate in grams, its lasting.

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