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The problem

Precoting is a coating composed by microgranuels of inert materials (usually obsidian, known as perlite or volcanic glass) very small in dimensions but sufficiently big to not penetrate in filter fabric. Once injected in air filter intake with clean cartridges and with clean air, they make a sheet of inertial dust on the cartridge surface that increase their efficiency. Practically this dust acts just like a sand layer on a sand filter. 

The cause

The procedure to correctly inject this precoating dust it’s not complicated but it has some rules that must be strictly followed to reach the maximum performance from it. 

The solution

If the procedure has been made correctly, the precoating will not detach itself from the air filter cartridges on the backflushing cleaning process, increasing both performances , efficiency and lifetime of the system. For more infos on the matter, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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